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Building a Clients Database with Wi-Fi Tools

Helping businesses attract, retain and return customers

Create a database of your customers to keep in constant communication with them.
Push your special offers
Recognize your customers' interests
and personalize your ads
Use data for retargeting
Transform your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful marketing tool with our SaaS solution. In a single login, capture customer data and opt-ins for personalized marketing, driving loyalty and sales through automated campaigns. Our platform does more than collect info; it builds segmented databases that turn casual visitors into regulars. Connect, collect, and grow your HoReCa business effortlessly
Promote the your mobile app
Measured real time communications

Create a GetWiFi ecosystem to collect and process customer data

Shopping mall
Create a GetWiFi ecosystem to collect and process customer data

GDPR compliant

We'll delicately gather information
about a customer who leaves his contacts on his own.
and uses public wi-fi
Gender, age, phone number
and the social media accounts on which the person is present
Let's scan the data and segment the customer flow to estimate the footfall
and frequency of customer traffic
Instantly deliver sms with up-to-date promotions to passing people
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Learn how the GetWiFi service, will help your Business
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