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A new marketing tool:
CUT2.ME - link shortening service

Ability to add UTM tags to the source address to track the source of traffic to your site.
Ideal for SMS texting where each character has a value. Additional characters can lengthen the message and require more segments.
Statistics instantly track clicks and click-throughs, allowing you to measure CTR and evaluate the effectiveness of calls to action.
Reduce URLs of any length to a simple and memorable address. Easy to memorize, transmit or dictate.

Let's remember why such services are so important:

Without the need for additional registration and use of a separate Personal Account.
Available! The service is free of charge for all tariffs with access to GetWiFi Personal Account.
Everything in one place. Creating short links and tracking statistics are located in the familiar GetWiFi personal cabinet with a familiar design.

It would seem that there are already enough such services on the market. So why create another one?

And here's why GetWiFi's CUT2.ME is the perfect choice:
To use the service, go to the "Tools" section of the GetWiFi service or follow this direct link
Don't miss out on GetWiFi's new marketing tool, CUT2.ME. Reduce your links now!"
Creation of short links using CUT2.ME service is absolutely free of charge for all Clients who have access to the Personal Account of the service GetWiFi.

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