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Guest Wi-Fi - description of features

Mandatory authorization under the Act

Branding of welcome pages

Launch of advertising campaigns

Digitization of the client base and its enrichment

the marketer
business owners

Formation of audiences for further communications with Guests

Sensitive information gathering

Visitors are annoyed when
their contact details are taken directly by a member of staff

When connecting, the customer leaves their own contacts

He gets unlimited internet access for it

Customer data is uploaded to the database and used

Personal account
Collection of phone numbers and E-mails of Guests with obtaining consent for marketing communications.

Non-intrusive surveys in game way (gender/age/date of birth/social networks)

Creating Audiences in Google and Facebook advertising networks by phone numbers

Segmentation and filtering of Guests by a large number of parameters

Downloading data from the office in a convenient format

Multiple methods of authorization:
  1. via callback
  2. via SMS
  3. virtual coupons (hotels, coworking centers and hostels)

Various promotional pages at the connection stage: "Survey", "Banner", "Video", "Social networks and Telegram"

Guest redirection to any URL of the Business (website, social networks, etc.)

Convenient welcome page builder with wide customization options

Welcome pages in 15 languages

Marketing plan for managing marketing activities of the Business

Interaction with third-party information systems via APIs

Automated SMS mailings after a Guest's visit

Detailed description of services in text and video formats at

Possibility to manage a network project from a single personal account

Single SSID for all network point
The workspace of a marketer and business owner
User-friendly Dashboard with display of key metrics
Keep an eye on the results
We collect all statistical data in one convenient dashboard to always be aware of our customer base and understand how to interact with them most effectively
Statistics, analytics, actions
A 360-degree view of your guests. Quantities, churn, profiles. And much more...
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